Turn Visuals Into Actionable Data: Visionati Offers Powerful AI Image, Video Analysis

Turn Visuals Into Actionable Data: Visionati Offers Powerful AI Image, Video Analysis

TL;DR: Visionati is an artificial intelligence (AI) online program, offering video and image analysis, claiming to be the “most robust computer vision API on the market” and “the easiest to use.” Its algorithms reveal image recognition, and allow photographs and video to be tagged and catalogued accurately. The amount of actionable data able to be pulled from an image and video by the service is pretty amazing. It’s also the first platform of its kind payable with cryptocurrency, competing against the likes of Google Vision and Clarifai (neither accept crypto). CoinSpice caught up with developer Josh Ellithorpe to find out more about Visionati, its application program interface (API), and the site’s dev-heavy tools for integration.    

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Visionati Offers Powerful Image, Video Analysis AI to the Public, Accepts Crypto

“Visionati offers the best results you can get from a Visual AI service,” Ellithorpe insisted. “This allows people to implement improved search, better content filtering and a number of other use cases. Our engine uses our own technology plus leverages other AI services to provide a superset of what is available today. Go ahead and compare it to the others, you will find our results are always the most complete.”

Turn Visuals Into Actionable Data: Visionati Offers Powerful AI Image, Video Analysis

Bitcoin cash (BCH), bitcoin core (BTC), and ethereum (ETH) are all accepted, with credit cards on the way by early March 2019. Only BCH is available for zero confirmations, however, making for faster transaction times.

The idea for Visionati has been bubbling since at least 2017. “I have worked on it in my spare time over the past 2 years, [and] started it with Dale Miller a long time friend of mine,” Ellithorpe told CoinSpice. Originally, it was targeted to larger companies, but eventually they “realized that opening this up to individual developers was important. We are now launching to the general public and have built out a self service signup flow complete with crypto payments,” which is a first for the industry.

Ready to Scale

The site is rich in developer tools. Visionati API is used, of course, to analyze videos and images, and doing so reveals text, faces, brands, colors, tags, and it also allows for scanning popular video hosting platforms such as Vimeo and YouTube. “The API runs on credits. Each image or frame of video requires 1 credit. You can easily buy additional credits at our API server,” the site explains, by simply using an authorization code. It allows developer API access through keys, which can be had by registering an account at the Visionati server.

Turn Visuals Into Actionable Data: Visionati Offers Powerful AI Image, Video Analysis

A concern for any startup is its ability to scale, grow. “Our engine is capable of processing hundreds of millions of images,” Ellithorpe claimed. “We also have Video support that can do frame by frame analysis that is not offered by other services. We designed Visionati to be a premium service where quality is our biggest concern,” he emphasized, and mentioned the API has integration “available for Magento that allows ecommerce sites to auto tag their products for improved search.”

For curious devs and others, Ellithorpe is encouraging those “interested in writing libraries for their favorite language” to get in contact. “Ideally we would have Ruby/Python/Go/Javascript libraries to make the integration even easier,” he explained. The site points to a Quickstart Guide as well. For the average business and users, Visionati boasts, “Be ready to be amazed,” as it turns “visuals into useful data” by fully understanding “an image with one simple line of code,” returning “an average of 50% more unique and relevant tags than any other service. Our algorithms detect subject matter, objects, environments, popular landmarks and more.”

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