Twitch Offers Discounts for Crypto Payments; BTC & ETH Fees Rise; Launches Joint Mining Initiative

TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. Twitch offers discounted subscriptions for crypto payments. BTC & ETH fees shoot up again. launches joint mining initiative. Binance cards already shipping out, according to Changpeng Zhao. CoinGecko adds fully diluted valuation metric, and Opera adds support for direct crypto purchases in UK.

Twitch Offers Discounts for Crypto Payments


Twitch, the uber popular streaming platform and one of the first sites using cryptocurrency payments as a form of promotion, is offering a 10% discount for users paying their subscriptions with cryptocurrency. While many users believed BitPay, a payment gateway used by Twitch, was behind this promotion, in fact it was designed by Twitch itself. According to Bill Zielke, BitPay CMO, Twitch is one of the first sites that has broken the rule of using PayPal or traditional payment methods for running discount promotions.

BTC & ETH Fees Shoot Up Again


The price of the fee required to make a BTC transaction has gone up again, likely as a result of the recent price spike after a very low volatility period. According to numbers from Bitinfocharts, a statistics portal, the average BTC transaction costs $3 dollars. Ethereum transaction fees have also gone up due to the rise of the DeFi protocols, which are congesting the network and making transactions spend more gas to be confirmed. Fees will likely keep rising as these blockchains maintain high usage. Launches Joint Mining Initiative

Twitch, one of the most relevant China based mining pools, launched a new cloud-based initiative called “Joint Mining,” that will allow customers to invest in a certain hashrate without being charged for maintenance and service before investors reach the break-even point. The service, being already offered in China through a subsidiary called, offers to charge percentages ranging from 17% to 30% after investors reach ROI. claims to also offer ASICs at bulk prices, cheaper than other comparable options.

Binance Cards Already Shipping Out

Binance, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange, already started to ship their long announced Binance Cards, a new product to spend cryptocurrency on sites that only accept debit or credit cards. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao wrote recently that Binance cards “started shipping in limited quantities as of yesterday.” These cards will be directed to European markets, as the exchange hinted to a formal August launch date in the region. Binance acted fast after acquiring a majority stake in Swipe to launch this product.

CoinGecko Ads Fully Diluted Valuation Metric

CoinGecko, a cryptocurrency price/volume tracker platform, added a new metric called Fully Diluted Valuation. This new metric will help users to figure out the real value of some new tokens like DeFi protocols. The metric has not been applied to all the coins and tokens listed on the platform, but CoinGecko stated they are still working on a complete picture. CoinGecko surged as an free alternative to CoinMarketCap, the leading cryptocurrency price tracker recently purchased by Binance last April.

Opera Allows UK Users to Buy Crypto From Browser

Opera, the crypto-friendly browser, included support for buying cryptocurrency directly from the browser for UK citizens, extending its earlier reach. The company started offering these services for Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, and included the US, European Union, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and Switzerland at a later date. Opera partnered with Ramp Network, a crypto ramp for processing bank transactions, and with Revolut, a popular UK based digital bank that recently entered US markets, to offer this service.

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