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No Twitter Coin Says Dorsey, Wikipedia Joins Brave, New Euro Central Bank Pres Soft on Crypto

TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. Jack Dorsey denies Twitter Coin is happening anytime soon. CashFusion reaches its $10K funding goal. In-coming European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde talks about cryptocurrency policies. Wikipedia is now a Brave verified publisher, and Coinbase activates Hurricane Dorian Bahamas donation addresses.

No Twitter Coin, for Now, Says Jack Dorsey

Twitter Coin

Jack Dorsey, Twitter founder and CEO, stated he has no intention of launching Twitter Coin or any sort of official Twitter cryptocurrency in the fashion of Libra, Facebook’s crypto endeavor. Instead, he told The Age he favored open, already established standards like Bitcoin because they “serve every person better than ones controlled or started by companies. I think [Bitcoin’s] the best bet because it’s been the most resilient, it’s around for 10 years,” he concluded.

CashFusion $10K Funding Goal Reached

Twitter Coin

Big news for cryptocurrency privacy advocates! CashFusion, the evolution of CashShuffle (Bitcoin Cash-based obfuscation tool), reached its funding goal of $10K. CashFusion will allow users to combine CashShuffle inputs preserving the privacy of all participants. Developer Jonald Fyookball commented this new phase of the project could be ready relatively soon, during a Reddit thread celebrating the milestone. Known BCH community miner Checksum0 matched the first $2.5K in donations for the project.

In-Coming ECB Nominee Lagarde Talks Crypto Policy


Christine Lagarde, current Managing Director of the IMF, offered a statement to the European Parliament to define what her take will be about digital cryptocurrencies in the future as in-coming ECB president should her nomination be accepted. Lagarde declared policy makers “need to ensure the safety of the financial sector, but also to be open to the opportunities provided by change.” About digital currencies, she warned about the possible criminal risks associated, but recognized the “wider social benefits from innovation.”

Wikipedia is Now a Brave Verified Publisher

Brave, the blockchain browser company, announced Wikimedia, the nonprofit company behind super known online encyclopedia Wikipedia, is now part of the Brave verified publisher program. Wikimedia will be able to benefit from Brave’s features that receive stable donations in the form of BAT, the browser’s native cryptocurrency. Brendan Eich, Brave CEO, declared, “Brave and Wikipedia are aligned in their goals of supporting great content on the Web without invasive trackers and ads.”

Coinbase Activates Bahamas Donation Addresses

Coinbase has activated a series of cryptocurrency donation addresses to allow their customers and anyone to contribute with the victims of Hurricane Dorian in Bahamas. The funds collected will be sent to a nonprofit organization called Lend a Hand Bahamas. They’ll be used to relocate some of the impacted people to new areas and also in educative programs to reintroduce victims to their normal lives after the hurricane passes. The site is available here.

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