Telegram to Pay SEC $18.5 Million; Flipstarter on Digital Ocean; Uphold Introduces Stock Trading

TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. Telegram agreed to pay $18.5 million to the SEC for the failed TON ICO. Wirecard files for insolvency. Uphold launches fractional US stock trading. Bitcoin ATM LibertyX to allow users to purchase BTC with cash in 20,000 stores. Sophos discovers malware using BTC to communicate, and Flipstarter is now available on Digital Ocean.

Telegram to Pay $18.5 Million Penalty to SEC


Telegram agreed to pay $18.5 million as a penalty for the TON ICO halted by an injunction by the SEC two months ago. According to court documents, the arrangement also stipulates Telegram must notify the SEC if the company wants to issue any kind of digital coin or token for the next three years. Telegram will have 4 years to pay ICO investors. Pavel Durov, CEO of Telegram, declared they have already paid $1.2bn to the purchasers directly or in the form of loans.

Wirecard Files for Insolvency


Wirecard, the Germany-based financial services company that found a $2.1 bn hole in its numbers last week, filed for insolvency after its shares dropped 90%. The company started filing insolvency paperwork after banks announced they would call in loans for more than $1.5 bn, an obligation the company in its current state cannot afford. Markus Braun, the former CEO of the company, was arrested, but has been released on bail, pending the upcoming trial.

Uphold Launches Fractional US Stock Trading


Uphold, the UK based cryptocurrency exchange, added fractional US stock trading to its platform. This means users in selected areas outside the US will be able to purchase and sell fractions of US-based stocks (like Netflix, Apple, Tesla, Google, Amazon, and Intel) on their platform. 50 different stock types are available for trading, and also 16 different ETFs. Uphold CEO Juan Pablo Thieriot stated this service was designed for Latin American users, who make up more than a third of its customers.

Bitcoin ATM Operator LibertyX Launches Cash BTC Purchases at Popular Stores

Bitcoin ATM operator LibertyX announced it would expand its footprint to let users purchase BTC with cash at more than 20,000 retail locations, including popular names like 7-Eleven, CVS Pharmacy, and Rite Aid. “We wanted to expand our footprint so anyone can buy bitcoin at familiar locations they drive or walk by daily,” declared Chris Yim, CEO of LibertyX. “Now, everyone is only a few miles away from owning bitcoin and becoming part of its global community,” he stressed. LibertyX owns 25,000 ATMs across the country.

Sophos Discovers Glupteba Malware That Uses BTC to Communicate

Sophos, a cybersecurity firm, released a report on Glupteba, a malware including a rootkit, a security suppressor, a virus, a router attack tool, and a cryptojacker in just one program. But what’s amazing about it is that Glupteba uses the BTC blockchain as a source of communication, with orders coming from its operators being encrypted in OP_RETURN statements in the BTC blockchain, something that hadn’t been seen in similarly examined malware until now. A full report of Glupteba’s behavior and its traits can be found here.

Flipstarter Available on Digital Ocean

Flipstarter, the crowdsourcing campaign software based on Bitcoin Cash, has been included in the Digital Ocean app marketplace, offering an easy way of deploying your campaigns online. While the software does need a credit card to host the application, Digital Ocean allows for rapid deployment of campaigns in just clicks. Flipstarter has been used before to run donation campaigns for EatBCH, a nonprofit food organization in Venezuela, and also for different Bitcoin Cash full nodes software teams.

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