VeChain Foundation $6 Million Hack, QuadrigaCX CEO Could be Exhumed, Tezos in Top 10

TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. VeChain Foundation hacked. Miller Thompson LLC calls for QuadrigaCX CEO exhumation. Tezos enters top ten cryptocurrencies by market cap. Bottle Pay terminates its services due to EU AML directive. Justin Sun banned again from Sina Weibo, and Lightning Network Wikipedia page could be removed.

VeChain Foundation Address Compromised


VeChain, a blockchain enterprise company focused on providing supply chain solutions, suffered a hack yesterday resulting in over 1 billion tokens lost, valued at about $6 million. VeChain has already signaled for exchanges to lock up funds and has also partnered with Hacken, a cybersecurity group, to find out more about what happened. VeChain declared this could have been the result of “misconduct” of its members who did not follow security standards established.

Miller Thompson LLC Calls for QuadrigaCX CEO to be Exhumed


Miller Thompson LLC, the law firm representing affected customers in the QuadrigaCX case, has called for the exhumation of Gerard Cotten, once CEO of the defunct exchange, who by all accounts died during his honeymoon in India as a result of suffering from Crohn’s disease. The letter sent to the Canadian Royal Police scalls for the exhumation of the body in order “to confirm both its identity and the cause of death given the questionable circumstances.” The letter warns this process to be done before spring, due to “decomposition concerns.”

Tezos Dethrones Stellar, Takes Top Ten Place


Tezos, a Proof of Stake based cryptocurrency, dethroned Stellar and as of publication ranks tenth place by market-cap cryptocurrencies. In just a month, the cryptocurrency’s price has risen by a whopping 58%, while other top ten cryptocurrencies have stagnated or even decreased in price. This is most likely due to the news of Tezos being available on platforms like Coinbase Pro, Kraken and Binance, with the functionality of staking being available right from these exchanges.

Bottle Pay Terminates Its Services due to EU AML Directives

Bottle Pay, a payment startup that used BTC and Lightning Network to allow micropayments over social networks, announced it is terminating its services due to upcoming EU AML directives. Registered in the UK, they will have to comply with the 5AMLD regulation being applied in January. Bottle Pay stated the amount of info they had to collect from their users would affect the user experience negatively. They preferred to cease their functions instead of becoming subject to these new AML regulations.

Justin Sun’s Sina Weibo Account Banned Again

Cindy Wang, a Chinese cryptocurrency journalist, reported the new account of Justin Sun on Sina Weibo (the Chinese equivalent of Twitter) was banned, again. According to Wang, the founder and CEO of Tron stated Chinese regulators couldn’t do anything about him. His first account was also banned earlier this week, as was the account of a Binance co-founder.

Lightning Network Wiki Page Might be Removed

The Wikipedia page dedicated to Lightning Network, the expansion layer for BTC, is facing deletion due to lack of notability. Nominator Ladislav Mecir, the one raising the issue, states that “the citations in the article refer to self-published texts that are not acceptable for notability. Other sources found also do not qualify as significant coverage.” Greg Maxwell, Bitcoin Core dev, defended Wikipedia, arguing the best way to protect the page is to provide better quality sources and articles referring to LN.

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