Venezuela and Bitcoin Cash Might Depend on One Another for Future Success

TL;DR: Popular crypto host Matt Aaron returns for the second part in a two part series of The CoinSpice Podcast, and this time he discusses his work with Airtm and efforts to increase adoption in Venezuela. It’s a sober look at the future of crypto projects like Bitcoin Cash and how BCH might be tied to the South American country’s ultimate fate. Available embedded in the individual article, YouTubeiTunesSpotifyGoogleStitcherRadio PublicBreakerPocketCasts

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Venezuela, Bitcoin Cash Depend on One Another for Future Success Podcast Network’s Matt Aaron is back for the second of a two-part interview on his journey to the cryptocurrency space and where he ultimately sees it going. Last episode, he discussed his influences and zigzag journey to become one of the most influential podcasts in the ecosystem.

Aaron isn’t content with Lambo dreams and get-rich aspects of crypto’s speculative side. It’s important, for sure, but it is not the motivation for him. Instead, he’s interested in bringing more economic freedom to those who need it most.

Venezuela and Bitcoin Cash Might Depend on One Another for Future Success

He grew up on the east coast of the United States, and not long after graduating college Aaron set about on an adventure. Inspired, he wanted to go somewhere far from home and completely foreign. He chose South America, beginning in Argentina and eventually settling on Colombia.

Aaron stayed for nearly a decade, and toward the end of last year left for new digs and new challenges. His passion for the region has never left, however, and more of his attention has been driven toward Venezuela and the plight of people there. He discusses his new project of hoping to bring Bitcoin Cash adoption and usage to Venezuela by teaming up for an airdrop campaign around summer 2019.

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