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Litecoin Creator Instamine Drama, Visa Not Part of Libra Yet, NYT’s Blockchain to Fight Fake News

TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. Visa CEO declares Libra’s listed backers aren’t members yet. The New York Times will use blockchain to fight fake news. Newegg accepts cryptocurrency in 73 more countries. Venezuelan government uses an app to collect airport fees in bitcoin. Norwegian Air to accept cryptocurrency, and Litecoin creator Charlie Lee erases tweet criticizing Dash instamine.

Litcoin Creator Erases Tweet Critizicing Dash Instamine

Litecoin Creator

Litecoin creator Charlie Lee erased a tweet where he bashed Dash, a competing cryptocurrency, for its instamine phase. The Litecoin creator said his instamine (a fast mining period) was preferable because “everyone had a fair chance” to mine. Instead, according to Lee, Dash instamine was launched just for friends and for a few days. Lee then declared on Reddit he had “deleted the tweet because I didn’t want to create drama with Dash. Had nothing to do with people exposing Litecoin.”

Visa CEO: Libra Backers Are Not Members Yet

Litecoin Creator

Alfred F. Kelly, Jr., member of the Visa Board and Visa CEO, revealed the 28 published Libra early founding backers are still not formal members of the Facebook supported initiative. Kelly declared Visa had “signed a nonbinding letter of intent to join Libra. We’re one of – I think it’s 27 companies that have expressed that interest. So, no one has yet officially joined.” However, he also declared these were “really, really early days” to talk about Libra and how it will play out now that regulators from all over the world and the US Congress have shown hostility.

New York Times to Use Blockchain to Fight Fake News

Litecoin Creator

The New York Times will use a blockchain-based platform to fight fake news and disinformation. The News Provenance Project will use a permissioned blockchain to authenticate media associated to news and important events. The project is being developed by the Times research and development team, and it will start in late 2019. Now, they are running tests to figure the best way of obtaining authenticity proof from photos.

Newegg Extends Cryptocurrency Payment Program

Litecoin Creator

Newegg, a California based online computer hardware retailer, extended its cryptocurrency payment program to support nearly all of the countries where they sell equipment. With the help of BitPay, a third-party payment processor, Newegg now allows customers of 73 countries to use bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a means of buying their products. Anthony Chow, Newegg President Global Sales, stated: “Broadening the ability to pay with Bitcoin… underscores our commitment to bring innovation to the online shopping experience.”

Venezuelan Government Uses App to Collect Airport Taxes in Bitcoin

The Venezuelan government allegedly designed an app to collect taxes from international airlines still flying to the main airport of Caracas, the international Airport of Maiquetia. The app, called Jetman Pay, receives payments of the airlines in dollars, and then uses digital wallet services to transfer these payments in bitcoin to exchanges in countries like Hong Kong, Russia, and China, ultimately transfering funds in fiat to accounts governments. Gas payments are also scheduled to be paid this way, according to sources.

Norwegian Air to Accept Bitcoin and to Open Crypto Exchange

Norwegian Air is planning to accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment for tickets, and is also intertwining these services with a new exchange they will be launching in the coming months. The Norwegian Block Exchange will allow customers to earn points by purchasing crypto and then use them for discounts on tickets or travel miles. The program will be available for nationals first, and then will be extended to other countries.

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