Visionary Entrepreneur & Hat Designer, Samson Mow, Launches New Line Of Cuddle Toys

The cryptocurrency world is marvelous and home to many smart individuals. Samson Mow, the CSO of Blockstream, is surely one of them. Tragically however, despite his above average brain power, he has entered dire straits with his continued efforts on his ‘Magical Crypto Friends’ program. After the release of the financial status of Bitmain, in the lead-up to their newly announced IPO, Samson’s most recent Twitter activity has proven to be nothing more than hot air and cock measuring envy. In the wake of being proven (again) to be a FUD lord extraordinaire, he has seemingly and quite suddenly felt the need to reorder his priorities and diversify his business investments. Luckily he is a resourceful guy, and has quickly found a new vocation with a venture that already has a working product to offer.

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Samson Moves from Hats into Cuddle Toys

This week Samson proudly presented some prototypes for a new series of a cuddle toys that will take inspiration from his cringeworthy cryptocurrency cartoon show. The show has a high level of animated production, at least in their introductory segment. Given that Blockstream has still failed to release a viable product under the leadership of Samson as CSO, he has taken the next logical step in growing the fan base of his children’s show: selling merchandise.

The show features both fully grown and rapidly aging men, talking about cryptocurrency subjects but with a twist. In place of their actual selves, the stars use alter egos in the form of cute cartoon animals. Samson for example, personifies himself as a proud and brave lion; which is the polar opposite of himself in real life. In an attempt to make the show even better (or perhaps worse), Samson is joined by several companions: Riccardo Spagni plays the role of a cute (and not so fluffy) Pony, @whalepanda unimaginatively is a Panda with a whale helmet, and fan favorite Charlie Lee plays Chikun – the star of the team.

Where is Chikun?

Mow, judging from his new merchandise tweet, is clearly worried about matching the likeness of his toys with that of the cartoon. With very specific changes that he need to made, Samson is determined to make the toys even better than they already are. Well they certainly look cute and this could be the launchpad that Samson needs to finally make the transition into the children’s plush toy industry. By the looks of it, he has the mindset to do just this and he certainly considers the endeavour more important than working on Blockstream’s Lightning Network, which after four years is still 18MonthsAwayᵀᴹ.

What is certainly troublesome amidst this toy announcement is the absence of the soul of Magical Crypto Friends canon. Chikun, the beloved hero and clearly the only character that anyone watches the show for, is missing from Mow’s prototype lineup. Could this hint at a possible rift in the Magical Crypto friendship between Mow and Litecoin founder Charlie Lee, or is it something much simpler? As one Twitter user said, he could have just been off somewhere selling all of his Litecoin holdings.

We wish the best of luck to Samson Mow in his new endeavor to become a leader and trendsetter in the toy industry.