Voltaire.cash, Bitcoin Cash paired exchange, Now Live


The cryptocurrency exchange marketplace is a crowded one. There are all sort of ways each exchange tries to compete with one another to give value to customers. But most of those exchanges all follow a legacy convention: they have BTC base-pairs.

Recently, there has been a growing trend for new exchanges to feature Bitcoin Cash (BCH) pairs. Voltaire.cash, named after the French philosopher, is the latest exchange to follow this course and they launched earlier today having Bitcoin Cash as the base-pair. Semyon Germanovich, CEO and founder of this new exchange has described himself as a frustrated early adopter of Bitcoin Core (BTC).

Voltaire arrives with the mission of leveraging the power of bitcoin cash to prove that it can be used as the main currency to drive an exchange. Voltaire also presents another nice change from most other exchanges: a minimalist, un-cluttered interface, that lets the user concentrate on what is going on and not in all the buzz that surrounds it.

On its Medium blog, the Voltaire team explains why they decided to embark on this journey leveraging bitcoin cash as their main tool. To them, community is a really important thing, and the BCH community is a vibrant one that has a lot to offer. Also, future-proofing via big blocks adoption is key. If BTC transaction volume ever rises to early 2017 levels, fees will skyrocket back to $50 as we saw this year. Bitcoin Core based exchanges will be threatened and withdraws will crawl to a stand-still. But Voltaire will not be affected by this, because one of BCH’s key differences is that its max blocksize aims to always be larger than transaction demand, keeping fees and clearance times as low as possible.

Be sure to check out Voltaire.cash.