Voltaire.cash Exchange Launches Developer API, No Fee Trading

Voltaire.cash Exchange Launches Developer API, No Fee Trading

Voltaire.cash, a London-based, BCH-paired electronic cash exchange announced recently its developer API launch. The idea is to open its Bitcoin market to developers and traders, offering no trading fees for 2 weeks. Its low level, OpenAPI 3.0 compliant API claims to have “innovative and industry standard features,” eventually paving the way for programmatic access to markets including Ethereum, Litecoin, and GUSD.

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Electronic Cash Exchange Voltaire.cash Releases Developer API

“Our mission is to see peer-to-peer electronic cash displace the global financial system,” founder Semyon Germanovich expained. “We’re believers in efficiency, and that’s why we’ve chosen to base our markets in Bitcoin Cash. There is no parallel to the efficiency, stability and scalability offered by peer-to-peer, electronic cash.”

Voltaire.cash Exchange Launches Developer API, No Fee Trading

According to the company website, Germanovich has been in the space for about 5 years, and even mined Dogecoin at one point. “With the deployment of our API, developers and traders can now make programmatic calls to our BTC/BCH market,” he continued, “enjoying the remaining weeks of feeless trading. As we continue to add pairs, we will open Voltaire’s API to more markets, such as Ethereum, GUSD and Litecoin.”

Launched this year, Voltaire.cash has already racked up more than 500 users, and they’ve recently integrated with HandCash, a popular Bitcoin Cash wallet. It also focuses on allowing secure, reliable, and compliant exchange of digital currencies. Engineers at the exchange boast its “high-speed, low-latency trading engine can match up to 65,000 orders per second, supporting advanced order types with guaranteed stability under large book volumes. Matching is handled by database transactions which guarantee ACID operations, (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability),” according to a press release.

Voltaire.cash Exchange Launches Developer API, No Fee Trading
Voltaire.cash Founder Semyon Germanovich

On-Going Development, Improvement

“We’re very excited to see the wider developments in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem,” Germanovich insisted. “One recent example is the BCH Hackathon in Amsterdam. The attendance and parties involved goes a long way to show the maturity and growing developer community we’re attracting as an industry”.

The young exchange’s developer API targets higher volume users, institutional traders, engineers, market makers, hoping to exploit Bitcoin Cash’s low transaction fees and faster processing times. Voltaire’s Head of Growth, Jamahl McMurran noted, “It’s a big signal that
Voltaire is moving in the right direction and paves the way for professional traders
and technical hobbyists to join Voltaire’s community.”

Voltaire.cash Exchange Launches Developer API, No Fee Trading

And investors seem to taking notice. Two Hope Ventures’ Alex Fauvel called the developer API roll out “a big step in the right direction for the young exchange. It marks the first major step to increase liquidity on the first Bitcoin Cash focused exchange. I trust Voltaire will utilize Bitcoin Cash and it’s thriving ecosystem to provide the best user experience possible.”

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