Wanted: “Beautiful Young Girl with Big Boobs,” HashKey Hub Marketing Head Blasts Binance

TL;DR: Anonymous crypto Twitter personality @PandaofBinance recently tweeted out photographs claiming to be of the new Chief Account Director at Binance, one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Male-dominated followers either cheered or knowingly snickered, but not everyone was pleased by the apparent hiring. HashKey Hub Head of Marketing Mo Li called the move “disgusting,” pointing out the only requirement for the position was, evidently, to be physically appealing to men.    

HashKey Hub Marketing Head Blasts Binance

Recently, the female Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Binance, He Yi, sent a notice on what’s known as Chinese Twitter, Weibo, of a job opening at the popular crypto exchange. The position in a customer service capacity demanded it be filled by a “beautiful” female with a “large chest,” preferably born after the year 2000.

“Not sure [Binance] reached a new low or just good at marketing, heyi their CMO posted weibo few days say they’re are hiring the only requirements are beautiful young girl with big boobs (literally what she said), and today they’ve announced their new hiring .. very interesting,” came the response from HashKey Hub Head of Marketing Mo Li, who was outraged at the announcement.

The apparently offending Weibo post by the Binance CMO.

For her part, the Binance CMO (and co-founder) answered she was joking about the job requirements, and that her intentions were misinterpreted. Parts of her tweet storm response has since been deleted, but Yi, at the time, defended the eventual hire (who, it must be pointed out, appears to meet the job requirements as ‘jokingly’ advertised) and further explained, “We stand strong that we always hire the best talent, regardless of sex, race, religion, etc. Binance has the most international distribution of talent. We observe and respect all culture differences and norms to the best we can.”

“What’s wrong is later in the WeChat group,” HashKey Hub’s Li continued in her blasting of Binance, “they’ve implied this ‘key account manager’ is available for their users .. in a quite disgusting way.” As for it being a cultural misunderstanding, Li scoffed, “Guess something wrong with [their] head, instead of apologizing [for] it, they decide to make it as mistranslated.”

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