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WEBCOMIC: That’s the Blockchain Everyone’s Been Going On About

TL;DR: Comics legend Scott McCloud, known as the ‘Marshall McLuhan of comics’ and the ‘Aristotle of comics’ for his ability to explain any concept via illustrated narratives, takes readers through an informative, funny, and beautiful webcomic to help explain one of the most important documents in modern human history, the Bitcoin White Paper. In this vignette from our webcomic, the protagonist Alice learns about distributed ledgers, blockchain, and keys. 

Webcomic: That Blockchain Everyone’s Talking About


In each panel break, a new version of Bitcoin’s pseudonymous creator is presented. In one instance, he’s a wise scientist; in another, a typical dude. The many forms are a way for McCloud to lessen who Satoshi Nakamoto is as a personality, and rather to emphasize the ideas he, she, or they put forward.



Explaining Gift

The Rubik’s Cube is a perfect analogy for algorithmic thinking, and many developers and coders count themselves as Cube heads — resorting to the toy for both relaxation and meditation.

More Like a Family Tree

To heighten the webcomic’s natural tension is to mirror that of what a noob experiences when deciphering what Bitcoin is: characters as Satoshi pop in and out when topics change, as a new aspect of digital money follows.

Every Coin is Accounted For

One comment we receive at CoinSpice continually about the webcomic is how clear rather deep, meaningful concepts are explained. It’s something both veterans of the space say along with those just interacting with Bitcoin for the first time.

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DISCLOSURE: The author holds cryptocurrency as part of his financial portfolio, including BCH. 

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