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Without Women Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash Will Fail

TL;DR: No need to eat soy and call yourself a male feminist in order to understand a basic economic reality: without women, peer-to-peer electronic cash will fail. They’re the majority of humanity, and often lead in most family makeups when it comes to day-to-day spending. Right now, these medium of exchange leaders are being ignored or assumed they’ll come along eventually. Big mistake.  

Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash Needs Women, Now

No, CoinSpice hasn’t gone Social Justice Warrior. We’re not gaining massive amounts of body fat and dying our hair blue, shouting, “Trump is not my president!” We’re not going to White Knight, talking about how sexist and toxic and misogynist Bitcoin is or has become. We don’t even have a SATOSHI IS A WOMAN t-shirt for sale. Calm down.

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But we’re also not going to argue how Booth Babes are some kind of answer to the problem we’re trying to address. Everyone loves a beautiful honey, but that they’re only conference window dressing for a cynical appeal to males is kind of what we’re getting at: the peer-to-peer electronic cash community is missing a giant piece of the pie, a critical one, a fatal one. P2P cash has to attract women in a real, substantive way.

Look, tech is male-dominated. Nature? Nurture? Who cares. It simply is a fact. It’s beyond the scope of this journal to advocate for girls coding schools, STEM funding, and the like. That’s not what we mean. What we’re conveying here is a sense of capitalist urgency: application developers, designers, marketers, online developers, exchanges, wallets, merchants all need to overtly focus on appealing to women.

Make it Cute, Friendly, Sexy, Customizable

Dudes are already baked-in. We love speculation. We love risk. We love stats and numbers. We love tribalism, abbreviations like OpSec, and using terms such as “bike shedding” and “Schelling Points.” We’re there. Done. Every male segment of the world is represented in Bitcoin, in cryptocurrency. Easy. But we’ve very obviously hit a wall, an adoption ceiling. Very few newbies are entering the space. And while there are for sure a ton of good reasons for that, lack of women tops the list.


What can be done? First, stop designing user interfaces (UI) for dudes. Stop running your UI proposals or schemes by only men. They’ll want it no-frills, streamlined, straight no chaser. That’s fine, but that is not, repeat not, going to bring the babes. Take your nifty non-custodial wallet gizmo and hand it to a woman, you nerd. Take your smartphone from your cargo shorts pocket and ask a female to interact with it. Do her eyes light up? Does she “get” why this is important? Can she use it easily? Yes needs to be the answer to all of this first round of questions before your doo-dad infused wallet ships to the public.

Whatever is being designed and shipped must, absolutely must, be cute, friendly, sexy, and customizable. The internet, which Bitcoin is often compared to in terms of potential, did not take off until women became integral users. Early iterations were clunky, slow, code-filled, and adoption slogged along. Once businesses entered the internet space, they began trying to maximize their investment dollars by making interfaces intuitive, big, personalized. In other words, female. Women, you virgin!

Ignore Women at Your Peril

Your P2P cash website can be super-filled with all the latest stats and numbers. Guys will love that. Nothing wrong with it, honestly. You’re not wrong or bad. But if you want that website to grow beyond a niche for you and your buddies, you have to make it babe-friendly. No need to pander or be patronizing by placing pictures of kitties everywhere or making the site’s background color pink. That is not what we mean.

Continuing with the wallet example because it’s easy, maybe the background could be a skin, a changing, customizable image. Pictures of her kids, herself (check out social media, women love to take pictures of themselves), whatever, giving her the power to personalize the rather flat, static magic internet bean application. It will instantly distinguish your product from literally everything out there.


She’s already using Venmo. She knows about Apple Pay and Square. Clearly your talk about overthrowing the existing governmental and financial order isn’t bringing her to Bitcoin, and yet a decentralized, be your own bank tech has distinct advantages for the modern gal. So why hasn’t she ventured here? It’s because you haven’t asked in a way she finds compelling (and that’s probably why you’re single too, dork).

Ignore the financial woman at your peril, dude. She is the killer app. Get her, and you’re gold. Find out what she wants and how to lure her into using Bitcoin-related technology, and all ecosystem boats will rise. Continue to push charts and graphs, silly polemics about ending the Federal Reserve, applications that are dull and solely transactional, to the exclusion of purposefully enticing women to use peer-to-peer cash … and you’re too late going to realize the entire enterprise has failed. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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