WORTH THE CLICK: Comedians Bill Burr & Bert Kreischer Dedicate Entire Podcast to Bitcoin

TL;DR: Online content is filled with dross. Worth the Click sifts through a lot of it, kissing frogs to find your prince. Videos. Blogs. Tweet threads. Anything, really. These curated selections merit your attention. In this installment, top US comedians Bill Burr and Bert Kreischer dedicate an entire podcast episode to Bitcoin. Improving the Difficulty Adjust Algorithm is given a deep dive, and developer Shammah Chancellor is on fire lately. 

Bill Burr & Bert Kreischer Dedicate Entire Podcast to Bitcoin

We’ve had our go at Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano. In fact, old Pomp has been our foil for a while. His takes are notoriously glib and parrot what he’s heard just enough to sell hapless corporate venture capitalists, on the lookout for the new-new thing, to shell out fiat for a funding round. In fact, shitposter Joshua Davis made Pomp infamous during a hilarious episode of the CoinSpice Podcast.

All that aside, Pomp recently succeeded in breaking through and into the mainstream. He’s been on a number of legacy financial news sites before, but his latest exploit involves something giant: becoming an expert on Bitcoin to Bill Burr and Bert Kreischer. Just the reach alone of two top American comedians is hard to fathom. Their audiences are diverse and span multiple demographics. They’re fixtures on Netflix specials and are coveted podcast guests. Pomp is going to grow adoption.

The Bill Bert Podcast is the comedians’ low tech, super fun hang. Only a few episodes-in, #20 sees Burr and Kreischer really dive deep into cryptocurrency and how money works. For sure, Pomp has a limited understanding of the issues involved, but he’s not totally wrong and will light many fires for Bitcoin by way of his solid appearance here: easy to like, not too heady, not too techy. Hate Pomp all you want, but after more than 10 years, Bitcoin is like Cardi B., Kreischer laughed, “You’ve heard of her but you’ve never heard any of her songs.” Way worth the click.

Improving the Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm

Collin Enstad’s new show, BCH Coffeehouse, recently held a cool forum on the Difficulty adjustment Algorithm (DAA). The livestream ran well over an hour and featured developers Jacob Elisosoff, Tom Harding, Scott Roberts, and Jonathan Toomim.

Back in late 2017, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) reference implementation Bitcoin ABC explained, “The new DAA algorithm seeks to accomplish the following objectives: Adjust difficulty to hash rate to target a mean block interval of 600 seconds. Avoid sudden changes in difficulty when hash rate is fairly stable. Adjust difficulty rapidly when hash rate changes rapidly. Avoid oscillations from feedback between hash rate and difficulty. Be resilient to attacks such as timestamp manipulation.”

Since that time, the DAA has come under greater scrutiny as mining pools exploit or game oscillation, switching back and forth, dropping and increasing hash rather suddenly. The trick is just how to improve upon what BCH has already done to mitigate. Some of the top thinkers in the ecosystem take-on the subject, and Enstad is a great host.

Shammah Chancellor is on Fire

In Why Automatic Replay Protection Exists, developer Shammah Chancellor explained, “Recently, Automatic Replay Protection (a.k.a. the Poison Pill 👻) has become controversial, with some people seeking to get rid of it. I wrote the specification for this protocol rule. As such, I’ve been asked by a few different Bitcoin Cash users to explain this functionality to them.” It begins a series of blogs examining various controversies at issue in the Bitcoin Cash community.

Ultimately, Chancellor concludes ARP “is critically important to the future of Bitcoin Cash. It was unanimously asked for by exchanges. Without it, routine protocol upgrades would be practically impossible due to the amount of extra work required by exchanges, wallets, and other developers to smoothly enable.” That leads him to Answering questions about the IFP, where he dares to bring up the Infrastructure Funding Plan for BCH … a topic many believe is long dead.

In another blog, anon Redditor Shadow of Harbringer asked a series of questions about the IFP, and Chancellor took the opportunity to defend aspects of a plan most wouldn’t dare. “I hope we can examine the implicit framing in these questions, and see past them to market-based solutions to supposed problems that stem from a desire for democracy and collectivism,” he stressed. Even more recently, he’s published The Cryptocurrency of Theseus: What is our Identity, and why are we fighting? and a follow-up to the responses.

Bitcoin Cash

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