Steve Wozniak Sues Google Over YouTube Scams; Nissan Exec Paid For Escape Using Coinbase; Visa Updates Crypto Strategy

TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. Steve Wozniak sues Google & YouTube for crypto scams. Carlos Ghosn of Nissan paid escape money using Coinbase. Visa announces updates to its crypto strategy. Binance lists Maker and Dai. NBA star Spencer Dinwiddie sold 10% of his tokenized contract, and CoinMarketcap mistakenly lists BNB as a DeFi token.

Steve Wozniak Sues Google For YouTube Bitcoin Scams


Steve Wozniak, the famous co-founder of Apple, along with 17 more people affected have filed a lawsuit against Google (Alphabet) and YouTube for letting users take his image and leverage it in schemes that ask viewers to send cryptocurrency to receive double the amount. The lawsuit, filed in California, states Wozniak tried to communicate this issue to YouTube for months. “YouTube has been unapologetically hosting, promoting, and directly profiting from similar scams,” Wozniak stated.

Carlos Ghosn Paid Escape Money Using Coinbase


Carlos Ghosn, the Nissan executive who fled Japan to avoid being charged with different felonies, paid part of his escape money with cryptocurrencies using Coinbase. According to Bloomberg, Ghosn’s son paid $500,000 in cryptocurrency, using Coinbase as his wallet, in monthly installments starting from January through mid-May. The executive fled inside of a box in a private plane to Lebanon, where he currently is. Peter Taylor, and his father, ex green beret Michael Taylor, who helped Ghosn escape, are facing extradition to Japan.

Visa Announces Updates to Crypto Strategy


Visa, the credit card giant, announced a series of updates it is making regarding its cryptocurrency related policy. In a blog post titled “Advancing our approach to digital currency,” the company lays out a new crypto strategy, and announced it will remain “network agnostic,” planning “to support the digital currencies and blockchain networks that our clients and partners demand.” Visa stressed digital currencies “have the potential to extend the value of digital payments to a greater number of people and places.”

Binance Lists Maker & Dai

Binance added support for the tokens associated with the Maker DeFi project: Maker and Dai, the stablecoin. The exchange added several exchange pairs for these two currencies that we’re incredibly requested by users since long ago. MKR/BNB, MKR/BTC, MKR/BUSD, MKR/USDT, DAI/BNB, DAI/BTC, DAI/BUSD and DAI/USDT are now available for trading in their platform. The exchange, which has been criticized by its lack of transparency when talking about listing fees, specified in a post they charged nothing for this inclusion.

NBA Star Spencer Dinwiddie Sold 10% of Tokenized Contract


The NBA star who battled the league to have part of his contract tokenized, Spencer Dinwiddie, managed to negotiate only 10% of his contract after one year of trying. The star wanted to sell 90 shares of his tokenized contract, with a value of $13.5 million, but just nine shares were sold, with a total value of $1.35 million. The SD26 tokens, issued on Ethereum, were distributed 11 days ago, but Dinwiddie, who tested positive for COVID-19 and won’t play this season, has not offered any statement about if the offer really ended.

CoinMarketCap Mistakenly Lists BNB as DeFi Token

CoinMarketCap (CMC), the cryptocurrency price & volume ranking portal, debuted its new DeFi ranking by putting BNB, the official token of Binance, in a top ranking even when it has not been part of any DeFi protocol. The ranking also includes Chainlink, a token not generally considered part of the DeFi ecosystem. However, CMC corrected this mistake and excluded BNB from the ranking, but left Chainlink. CMC was acquired by Binance earlier this year.

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