ANYPAY.Global Beta Integrates CoinText for Free Crypto POS Without Internet co-founder Derrick J. Freeman is guest for this episode of the podcast, Milk (scroll down to listen). He discusses his journey to crypto, opening brick and mortar outlet the Free State Bitcoin Shoppe, and CoinText’s teaming with ANYPAY for a free, internet not required, crypto point of sale (POS) system.  

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ANYPAY.Global’s Founder is CoinSpice Podcast Guest

Derrick J. Freeman is a well-known liberty activist, especially to the local Keene, New Hampshire police. Freeman’s at times hilarious, frightening, and inspirational documentary, Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree is mandatory viewing. Part performance art, part passionate advocacy, Freeman is trying to prove a point: too many laws, too much power, is all too often accepted by too many regular people.

ANYPAY.Global Beta Integrates CoinText for Free Crypto POS Without Internet

That spirit spilled into cryptocurrency, and early. As part of the seminal broadcast years of Free Talk Live, Freeman was part of the team that introduced now recognized ecosystem royalty to the crypto rabbit hole.

Beta Integration with CoinText

Freeman also co-founded, a free merchant POS. Its purpose is to make taking and spending crypto easier than the average e-wallet. In fact, he claims a merchant POS through his company can be set up in a matter of minutes.

More recently, they’ve teamed with CoinText, the firm using SMS technology to allow crypto such as bitcoin cash (BCH) to be sent through text messaging, no internet needed. It’s proving to be a powerful combination already, though they’re only in a beta integration stage, as Freeman explains in this episode.

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