Bitcoin a Religion? Protestant Reformation? Daniel Krawisz Returns!

Bitcoin a Religion? Protestant Reformation? Daniel Krawisz Returns!

In this final fourth episode of our series with the Emperor of Bitcoin, Daniel Krawisz returns to discuss parallels of Bitcoin Core (BTC) as a religion. He and C. Edward Kelso compare the fracturing of the early community as similar to Marxism and the Protestant Reformation. 

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Bitcoin a Religion?

The Emperor of Bitcoin is our guest on this final of a four part interview for ‘s podcast, Milk. This episode, we consider how ideas are sometimes divorced from both their founder and intended purposes.

For Krawisz, the experience has been a little surreal. He gained notoriety within the community for his writings, essays. Many of his posts were shared around the ecosystem, becoming important texts for what would later devolve into Bitcoin Maximalism. He watched as his ideas were twisted and used beyond their intent, taking on a kind of gospel quality … only to be later used against him.

Bitcoin a Religion? Protestant Reformation? Daniel Krawisz Returns!

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The BTC cult is very familiar to those who’ve studied the Protestant Reformation. The historic split within the Christian Church has parallels with regard to how they treated those who dared break from orthodoxy. Nothing about the Emperor of Bitcoin is orthodox nor dogmatic.

He consistently challenges crypto enthusiasts to think differently, to look at the the phenomenon we’re all engaged in from a broader, less emotional perspective. He spends most of his energy now on his YouTube show, where he strings together theories about the latest controversies and more.

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