Bitcoin Cash Contentious Hard Fork, Wormhole: Gabriel Cardona Speaks

Bitcoin Cash Contentious Hard Fork, Wormhole: Gabriel Cardona Speaks

The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) tribe, as genius developer Gabriel Cardona likes to term the crypto subculture, is at a turning point. He believes BCH is about to explode onto the financial scene in ways few can imagine. He’s also at the center of a brewing storm surrounding a scheduled upgrade that very well could turn into a contentious hard fork, splitting chains and causing havoc for the BCH gang. He graciously gave a ton of his time from Tokyo, Japan by phone to explain the BCH landscape as he sees it, his personal background, Bitbox, Wormhole, tokenization, and the future of one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies. 

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Bitcoin Cash Contentious Hard Fork

The man at the center of the current debate regarding the future of crypto’s number four ranked coin, Gabriel Cardona, is a very special guest on this important episode of Milk, ‘s flagship podcast.

Twitter has been blowing up with insults and accusations. Conspiracy theories and FUD are floating everywhere. Through it all, developer Gabriel Cardona has kept a cool, clear head. He understands why some are distrustful of tokenization and adding smart contracts to the BCH chain. They’re unfamiliar, worried their project is being hijacked.

Bitcoin Cash Contentious Hard Fork, Wormhole: Gabriel Cardona Speaks


Of particular concern is a platform Cardona admires, Wormhole. It’s a product of Bitmain, the mining manufacturer, and Cardona recalls what about it made so much sense to him. He’s traveled the world pitching BCH, and the market seems to want at least two things: 1, a permissionless, reliable, inexpensive payment system, and, 2, a way to develop tokens and smart contracts. BCH prior to Wormhole wasn’t able to offer the second, and a lot of business was shifted by default to Ethereum and EOS — tens of millions, if not billions (see his talk recently to the Atlanta Bitcoin Embassy).

Do not miss this extended interview with Gabriel Cardona of Bitbox and lead developer at Ahead of the November 15th, 2018 fork, it’s best to get the right information straight from a primary source.

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