China Divided on BCH Fork, Bitcoin Mining Booming

China Divided on BCH Fork, Bitcoin Mining Booming

What is it like to live in a Communist country while promoting crypto? Cindy Wang is a crypto journalist in China, and she seems to be everywhere, knowing everyone in the community. She’s the perfect person to get a sense, ahead of the November BCH fork, of what is in store for Bitcoin Cash. She joins C. Edward Kelso on’s flagship podcast, Milk: Soothing Crypto’s Burn for a very introspective episode about what it’s like to live under Communist rule while working to change money’s future. 

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China Divided on BCH November Fork

Cindy Wang is a crypto expert and journalist living in China, behind the Red Wall. Not only does she have to navigate a government at times very hostile to decentralize digital currency, she also has to deal with family less than supportive.

China Divided on BCH Fork, Bitcoin Mining Booming

She’s also hilarious. Cindy and C. Edward Kelso laugh and joke through serious topics, and they manage to get very personal. A major focus is on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) pending November fork, just weeks away as of the recording. Cindy is worried, describing the community in China as very divided.

Cindy Wang is an Important Voice to Follow

She is active on Twitter, but also has her own personal website for fans to keep up with her work. As listeners will learn, Cindy is insightful and can give first person account of what it’s like to be deeply involved in a very important community within crypto — arguably the most important going forward.

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