Crypto Needs Taylor Swift to Help Shake this Bear Market Off

Crypto Needs Taylor Swift to Help Shake this Bear Market Off

Season 2, Episode 1 of Milk,’s flagship podcast, is off to a rousing start. Naomi Brockwell is, pound for pound, one of the most insightful people in the ecosystem. She’s traveled the world in various capacities, as mistress of ceremonies, lecturer, media personality, rubbing elbows with crypto’s movers and shakers. She can navigate between the space’s warring tribes with little effort, and she knows everyone. Considering this extended bear market, there is no better person to discuss the current state of things and where we might be headed. Oh, and she totally believes Taylor Swift would be a game-changer if T-Swizzle entered the cryptosphere. 

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Crypto Needs Taylor Swift

Naomi Brockwell is a dynamic person. She sings, acts, speaks incredibly well, and knows crypto inside and out. She knows the economics, the projects, and while she wouldn’t exactly consider herself a dev or engineer, her sheer breadth of knowledge makes her a kind of unicorn.

She’s arguably one of the best connected people in the space. She can travel through all the various sides and alliances, easily, and take-in what the macro sentiment seems to be. If you want to know what is going on in crypto, you almost cannot do better than Naomi.

Crypto Needs Taylor Swift to Help Shake this Bear Market Off

Milk Season 2, Episode 1

Naomi joins CoinSpice Editor-in-Chief C. Edward Kelso for a fun, thought-provoking episode to kick off Milk’s second season. For those wishing to catch up, all 20 episodes of the first season are on iTunes.

Brockwell wears many hats, from host of her own YouTube channel to MCing conferences all over the globe. She’s also part founder of The Soho Forum with the great Gene Epstein, formerly of Barron’s, where they sponsor very stimulating debates on a variety of topics in a pretty innovative format.

The discussion in this episode begins with Kelso and Brockwell talking about her love of Taylor Swift, and it quickly turns to a conversation about adoption and the role of influencers on the space. Women are an obvious marketing choice too few businesses seem to reach in crypto, and they discuss why that might be the case and whether it’s important at the moment. That, and much, much more.

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