Satoshi's Bitcoin Writings Lovingly Preserved at Nakamoto Studies Institute

Though precious little is known of the actual person, Satoshi Nakamoto left behind a treasure of online writings. Most people are aware of the Bitcoin White Paper (now a beautiful webcomic in three languages), but Nakamoto also wrote emails and participated in chats. That, along with other commentaries and early exploration by the idea’s pioneers, is being lovingly archived and preserved by Derek Magill, founder of the Nakamoto Studies Institute (NSI). He is guest this episode of ‘s flagship podcast, Milk

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Nakamoto Studies Institute

Of all the ideas and projects floating around the present day ecosystem, arguably the NSI is one of the most important. It will serve as a way for scholars and enthusiasts, and even just the curious, to deepen their understanding of what Magill refers to as crypto’s human element, the part of money’s future often forgotten.

We certainly are no closer today in knowing exactly who Satoshi was, a lone rebel or group, but those first few years before its creator ghosts once and seemingly for all are foundational for Bitcoin.

Satoshi's Bitcoin Writings Lovingly Preserved at Nakamoto Studies Institute

Derek Magill Forks from Original Project

The NSI’s birth is actually an interesting and heartbreaking story. It came about through conflict between Bitcoin Core (BTC) supporters and luminary Daniel Krawisz over BTC’s increasingly hostile tone and cultish behavior.

In this very compelling episode, Magill lays out his reasons for forking away and creating the NSI.

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