Troll Slayer Tips on How to be Effective with Derek Magill

Troll Hunter Tips on How to be Effective with Derek Magill

Derek Magill of and the Nakamoto Studies Institute is special guest on this episode of ‘s flagship podcast, Milk. He discusses his love of money from a young age, along with being famous in the ecosystem for taking down ugly trolls — so effective, he was dubbed The Troll Slayer. 

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Derek Magill is the Troll Slayer

At only 25 years old, Magill has a poise twice his age. He comports himself in such a way as to gain respect within the ecosystem as a pundit, philosopher, archivist of the highest regard. He and C. Edward Kelso discuss his approach to taking down internet trolls, and why his method might be one to consider.

The two also talk about Magill’s initial finding of cryptocurrency, and how those foundations informed his ability to be a resolute, confident apologist. The story of how young Derek is when he decides gold is a preferred form of money is hilarious.

Troll Hunter Tips on How to be Effective with Derek Magill


There is going to be much in the way of propaganda going forward in the space, and especially as stakes rise along side prices and investment capital. Who to pay attention to becomes critical for enthusiasts, investors, business people alike.

One big takeaway from encountering Derek is his permissionless attitude toward life. He does what he wants and is unafraid to challenge barriers. He takes a chance. He puts in the effort. He tries. That seems to be an important lesson for everyone in the space, and it’s a focus of the fourth and final episode in this series with Derek Magill: The Troll Slayer.

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