RAGE CLICK: Honk Honk the Clown and Bitcoin are Racist Tools, You Fools

RAGE CLICK: Honk Honk the Clown and Bitcoin are Racist Tools, You Fools

TL;DR: RAGE CLICK is a deeper look at crypto media, inspired or industry. Journalists are tired, entitled, self-righteous. CoinSpice periodically documents supporting examples in an effort to encourage critical reading, better consumers, literate producers. That, and we’re pompous gasbags who love to vent. This RC installment laughs at the uniquely stupid progressive end of news and their incessant desire to intersect cryptocurrency with the scourge of white nationalism and racism. Honk Honk the Clown and bitcoin are, obviously, racist tools.  

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Honk Honk the Clown is Racist Code

“White Nationalists Adopt Clowns as Their Next Racist Symbol (Yes, Seriously)” is the latest scold by hysteric Jared Holt, who spends way too much time on racist websites and social media. “Online personalities in far-right and white nationalist online circles are attempting to attribute racism and anti-Semitism to an image of cartoon character Pepe the Frog depicted poorly drawn and as a clown,” Holt writes breathlessly.

For a segment of the cryptocurrency community, memes are an intrinsic communicative device, something it relies upon to express any number of thoughts relative to sentiment. Bear markets are great for it, and crypto enthusiasts love to make fun of themselves. That little clown dude you forwarded, well, congrats: you’re now furthering white nationalism and racism.

RAGE CLICK: Honk Honk the Clown and Bitcoin are Racist Tools, You Fools
That acid taste in the back of your throat? Racism.

Honk Honk has, in “recent months, the meme has gained a foothold in the far-right and is bleeding into racist propaganda,” which is the progressive foil known as the alt-right, and what Holt views “as part of a strategy to obscure the inherent racism and antisemitism of the movement in hopes of making its agenda more palatable among conservatives.”

The rest of the piece is rabbit holism worth reading if only for getting a load of Holt’s commitment to the idea. Holt is ernest, that’s for sure. Stop the clown, save the world. The colors of Honk Honk’s wig are an obvious taunt of lesbian and gay orientation. Obviously. Society, so pro-ethnics of non-white origin, according to white nationalists, it has become a joke, and what better way, obviously, to represent that then a clown. Obviously. At CoinSpice, we cannot believe you missed these tells, you racist piece of garbage. Obviously.

Neo-Nazis Bet Big on Bitcoin

“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before,” former Obama administration Chief of Staff and Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel reportedly quipped. And when they’re not lecturing unwoke folk on the evils of cartoon frogs turned obviously white nationalist racist clowns, true to progressive form they’re attempting to link crypto to something, anything, nefarious.

Enter David Gerard and Foreign Policy, the online mainstreaming of progressivism so morally evolved it published a coy article about the connection between crypto and the Christchurch killer mere days after bodies were being counted. Classy. Cue requisite picture of Charlottesville and tikis.The shooter listed a number of absurdities in his manifesto, which progressives have sought mightily to suppress under the guise of allowing themselves to give it proper interpretation, and among them was Bitconnect.

RAGE CLICK: Honk Honk the Clown and Bitcoin are Racist Tools, You Fools
No one has ever seen Satoshi Nakamoto and this guy in the same place and the same time!

Gerard frames it as a joke “almost certainly nonsense—thrown in to get the media to chase their tails as they try to make sense of a deliberately confusing stew of alt-right memes and neo-Nazi in-jokes.” After packing the piece with quotes and associations sure to horrify Foreign Policy’s well-mannered readership with all the correct opinions, a buried stand-alone sentence declares, “Bitcoin ideology is not a neo-Nazi ideology.” Well, there it is. End of the dopey article. Uh, no. “However, bitcoin’s right-libertarian anarcho-capitalism is very much in range of far-right extremism,” leaving a cursory reader to reclaim an association Gerard wants to have both ways: not all bitcoiners are Nazis (thanks!), but some Nazis are bitcoiners. Bitcoiners are “in some denial,” he furrows, and lumps-in cypherpunk pioneer Tim May, who is unable to defend himself, of course, and away Gerard goes.

Like Holt, Gerard uses every conceivable sillly connection to impune bitcoin in particular and cryptocurrency in general, but in a slightly more sophisticated way. Bitcoin is so stupid, so impractical, so mired in ugliness, the stupid, impractical, ugly Neo-Nazis used it for a while, and, aha!, it didn’t go as planned. The community gets no credit for attempting to ostracize such folks from their platforms, and Gerard was able to find a podcast somewhere to confirm a conclusion he had long before writing. Yet, scores of people all over the world continue to find value in crypto, in its promise, and pass along Honk Honk, all without progressives’ permission or sanction. Obviously.

DISCLOSURE: The author holds cryptocurrency as part of his financial portfolio, including BCH. 

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