The CoinSpice Team

C. Edward Kelso


Based in the United States, Kelso has thousands of articles published through various news organizations. Controversies, personalities, cryptography history, book and movie reviews, interviews, editorials, columns, he’s covered the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem for years. He’s also host of The CoinSpice Podcast.

Hayden Otto

Chief Media Correspondent

Hayden entered the world of Bitcoin in mid 2016 while studying Information Technology at the University of Queensland. After realising it was both a means to achieve economic freedom and to undermine central banks, he went on to learn trading strategies and techniques in order to accumulate more Bitcoin – becoming proficient in this field. He now works full-time educating the masses on this revolutionary technology, primarily through the CoinSpice YouTube channel and website. Over the last years, he's been organising regular events through the Brisbane Bitcoin Meetup and has spoken at blockchain conferences in Australia. Hayden is passionate about promoting Bitcoin Cash as the Bitcoin version which remains true to the original vision of P2P electronic cash.

Lin Zerd


Linzerd is a cryptocurrency journalist based in Venezuela. He describes himself as late to the game, entering the cryptosphere when the price rise happened during December 2017. Having a computer engineering background, living in Venezuela, and being impacted by the cryptocurrency boom at a social level, he offers a different point of view about crypto success and how it helps the unbanked and underserved.