TOP CRYPTO TWEETS: EOS Co-Founder Praises STEEM; OKEx Buys Retweets; Vitalik Backs Jack


TL;DR: CoinSpice scours the Twittersphere to shine light upon the top crypto tweets of the week. EOS co-founder Daniel Larimer praises STEEM, a community and project filled with recent drama. Pomp prefers IOTA to Ethereum. OKEx pays for retweeting. Jack Dorsey gets a vote of confidence from Vitalik Buterin, and Bitcoin Jesus comes up with a gem. 

#10 EOS Co-Founder is Also a STEEM Co-Founder

Steemit is distinguished from STEEM in that the former is blockchain blogging platform and the latter is its token. The general outline of the platform is an early iteration of a decentralized application or dApp. It’s its own little economy, and gained some success back in 2016 with relatively high profile fringe personalities championing the site. STEEM tokens were traded back and forth, tipped and awarded. They even gained a real-world fiat value before more or less crashing.

It wasn’t too much longer after, however, the platform was hacked, compromising accounts and eventually losing whatever goodwill it earned up to that point. Daniel Larimer who helped to launch Steemit soon left the project to work on a host of others, including the multi-billion dollar ICO, EOS … now ranked as a top ten cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

This year, Steemit and STEEM are facing a new challenge via Justin Sun of TRON. Sun seems intent on buying up once popular but now fledgling properties, absorbing them into the TRON universe. Evidently. the STEEM community, or a significant enough number of its members, are fighting Sun’s advances.

It’s turning into quite a drama which now involves giant exchanges such as Binance. Larimer took to Twitter recently, seemingly cheering on the virtues of the Dedicated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) STEEM scheme still unproven in most analysts’ opinions.

#9 Virus is No Longer a Great Metaphor

#8 Inorganic

#7 Priorities

#6 Vitalik Backs Jack

#5 The Slightest Price Move Triggers Hopium

#4 Technical Analysis

#3 Talk About it Offline (VIDEO)

#2 Confiscatable

#1 Tweet of the Year, So Far

Andreas Antonopoulos

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