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TOP CRYPTO TWEETS: Mark Cuban Schools Maxis, 916 Million USDT on Tron, Stossel to LBRYio

TL;DR: CoinSpice scours the Twittersphere to shine light upon the top crypto tweets of the week. Billionaire businessman Mark Cuban thrashes BTC maximalists. Justin Sun and Tron celebrate 916 million tether jumping to his platform. Legendary investigative journalist John Stossel moves to a decentralized, tokenized media service, and so much more in this week’s installment! 

Tweets of the Week: #9 Mark Cuban Schools BTC Maximalists

“Lots of people are trying to change my mind,” noted billionaire, owner of an American professional basketball team, and reality television star Mark Cuban explained during a debate with BTC maximalists. “My mind will be changed not by technical discussions about fiat currency, sharpe ratios, valuation projections, protocol comparisons, etc. It will be changed by actual usage by consumers, who choose BTC over the many other options.”

The thread had Cuban showering BTC maximalists with cold, cruel doses of reality only possible from an outsider, a heretic with clout. He argued BTC in its present form is clunky, slow, expensive, and comparatively hard to use — something enthusiasts of peer-to-peer electronic cash have literally been trying to convey for years.

“I’m not saying BTC can never be ubiquitous,” Cuban assured, “but it will have a hard time in its current incarnation because the utility isn’t obvious.” He outlined how the current pivot away from a medium of exchange-like utility toward a store of value makes BTC closer to “a collectible like baseball cards or art. It has some intrinsic value (managing the public blockchain) but that doesn’t contribute much to its price. I think gold is a religion and don’t own any. I have enough cash to generate the utility I need it to,” disclosing his pro basketball team’s much-hyped experiment with BTC yielded a paltry $549 in purchases due to factors he detailed in the thread.

“Remember what led to this discussion,” Cuban reminded. “I said that btc isn’t and won’t be used by consumers as a currency. You don’t have to convince me. You need to convince your neighbors. If they don’t see value, that is the problem you need to solve. I’m not opposed to BTC. I understand every argument being made. The world is littered with great products/services that failed for lack of consumers.”

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Mark Cuban

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