BCH Devcon Delivers Crazy Great Innovations

BCH Devcon Delivers Crazy Great Innovations

CoinSpice Lead dApp Analyst, Hayden Otto, captures this year’s BCH DevCon Amsterdam in all its glory (scroll down to view). The hackathon, sponsored by BTC.com and PermissionLess Ventures, yielded crazy great innovations using the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain. Developers from all over the world, and even some more familiar with working on Ethereum, came together for two days of intense competition. 

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BCH Hackathon Yields Crazy Great Innovation

CoinSpice Lead dApp Reporter, Hayden Otto is back with another quick documentary of his findings. Amsterdam, the beautiful city known for its maverick, live-and-let-live lifestyle, was host to the second in a series of hackathons geared toward innovation on the BCH network.

The event boated over 100 devs, and Otto shows a few of the projects being pounded out in only a few hours time. Blurry photographs are turned into payment platforms, new ways of charging computer gear, dApp finders, and too many others to name.

Hackathon Shows Crazy Great Innovations on BCH Chain

Behind the Scenes

Probably the most interesting aspect of the way Otto covers goings-on at the BCH DevCon in Amsterdam is the behind the scenes looks and nuggets. Viewers are giving an inside look on judges’ deliberation. Ryan X. Charles and Gabriel Cardona flesh out what constitutes an award-winning project, ticking off mental boxes as they review each.

There’s a tendency to see applications and platforms as being a whole thing, dropped from heaven. Turns out, a ton of work and consideration and sweat and tears goes into every decision, and Otto’s video documents how hard teams in Amsterdam toiled.

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