Blockchain: Scam or Legit? Alex Winter of Trust Machine

Blockchain: Scam or Legit? Goes Hollywood with Alex Winter of Trust Machine

Alex Winter is our storyteller. He’s the crypto community’s go-to documentarian. His latest, in what’s become a kind of inadvertent trilogy, Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain (2018) follows the remarkable documentary films Downloaded (2013) and Deep Web (2015). covered Trust Machine’s premiere in Los Angeles at the Laemmle Monica Theater, and had a chance to chat with Winter about his new film, background, and hopes for crypto and blockchain. This the first in a series of interviews with principals from the film. 

More Spice: Bitcoin White Paper Webcomic by Comics Legend Scott McCloud Goes Hollywood: Interview with Alex Winter of Trust Machine Editor-in-Chief C. Edward Kelso and cameraperson Myra Lopez headed to Los Angeles, California for the premiere of Trust Machine, a new documentary film by Alex Winter. Presented by SingularDTV (ConsenSys) and Futurism Studios, the event was made very hospitable by Thessa Mooij, Rhonda Teeny, and Abhilasha Meshram. 

The team was there to interview principals from the documentary, and the big get was, of course, its director, Alex Winter. Winter has been famous for a long time as a comedic actor and teen heartthrob, but he entered the hipster theater steps away from the iconic Santa Monica pier without an entourage. The Laemmle mezzanine, roped off from the hoi polloi, in favor of VIPs, the comfortable upper section buzzed as Winter made his way through the crowd. Camera flashes.

Blockchain: Scam or Legit? Goes Hollywood with Alex Winter of Trust Machine

He shook hands, laughed, sure to pose for every picture request, answering questions, and seemed genuinely hyped to talk about his latest project, Trust Machine. The SingularDTV reps assured we’d get a few minutes, but, considering the crush of people and excitement there was a real chance he’d simply not have time … especially with a looming question and answer session in the theater proper just after the screening.

A Good Dude

Introduced, Winter nodded and smiled, thanking for coming. He assured we’d get the time, but he just needed to take care of a couple of logistical issues before he could break away. Sure, buddy.

Less than an hour later, true to his word, Winter re-entered the mezzanine area, ready for his debut. He’s done a metric ton of press, and the first leg of the premiere circuit was in New York. It’d be easy to be over it, finding the Los Angeles iteration a chore. Instead, Winter was affable, fun, and laughed at our microphone cutting off at just the right moments (super frustrating). Cameraperson Myra Lopez asked him not to move so as to not bother mic cords, and Winter froze hilariously.

Blockchain: Scam or Legit? Goes Hollywood with Alex Winter of Trust Machine
Alex Winter, Director of Trust Machine, has a laugh with Editor-in-Chief C. Edward Kelso

Our Storyteller

Winter and Kelso chatted about his entrance into the hacker space back in the 1980s. When Kelso referred to him as an O.G., Winter laughed and said the O stood for old. He also addressed the notion he wasn’t too focused on crypto, and how he thought that was an unfair characterization. He is focused, he insisted, on bringing the concept to a broader audience. Winter also described the making of Trust Machine and his hopes for it, and why it was important to take-on the idea of blockchain being a scam. In the end, he feels the tech undergirding crypto will be transformative, but not before it goes through sputters and starts.

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