Paul Wasensteiner joined Executive Editor, Hayen Otto, for an interview from the recent BCH DevCon in Amsterdam. Wasensteiner is leader of the Bitcoin Cash Association, and the two men discuss progress in Europe with hackers there looking for a place to innovate, plans the Association has going forward, and why BCH is more important than mere speculation when desperate people around the world need it right now.

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Paul Wasensteiner interview – BCH DEVCON Amsterdam 2018

Hayden Otto is everywhere. All over the globe he consistently tracks down movers and shakers in the crypto space. This time, he’s scored an interview with Paul Wasensteiner, leader of the Bitcoin Cash Association.

They begin by examining pent up creative frustration in the crypto space around Europe, and how hackathons help bring that energy together. BCH DevCon Amsterdam’s 100 participants defy stereotypes of a bear market.  

Life and Death, Desperate People Need BCH Now: Paul Wasensteiner

Bitcoin Cash Association Builds, Eschews Trolls

Other crypto supportive funds and associations engage in trolling activity, online social media battles. Not the Bitcoin Cash Association. It focuses, laser like, on building. They promote meet ups, the work of EatBCH, merchant adoption, and user adoption everywhere.

For Wasensteiner BCH adoption is more than just a luxury of speculation. For him and the Association, adoption and usage are matters of life and death for desperate people around the world.

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