North Queensland’s Bitcoin Cash City: Living On and Using Cryptocurrency

TL;DR: For too many cryptocurrency enthusiasts, living on and using peer-to-peer digital cash is a distant dream. They’re waiting for second layer scaling solutions, off-chain re-routes, and whatever else to perhaps, maybe, if all goes well, enable them small amounts of financial sovereignty some day. Those who’ve already discovered Bitcoin Cash (BCH), however, do not have to wonder what life would be like as their own bank. Permissionless, censorship-resistant, digital cash is available right now. Executive Editor Hayden Otto travels to North Queensland, Australia and documents a week crypto hodlers can only imagine.  

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Bitcoin Cash and the Good Life in North Queensland, Australia

Hayden Otto takes to the north-eastern coast of Queensland, Australia, and shows viewers what he calls the Bitcoin Cash City. It’s right next to the Great Barrier Reef with just under 200,000 inhabitants, and is the former home of activist Julian Assange.

A Week Living On and Spending Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in North Queensland, Australia

His first stop is at The Watermark Townsville Bar and Restaurant, boasting not only cherry views of Magnetic Island and Cleveland Bay, it also proudly accepts BCH. Otto pays for a coffee, and demonstrates how, right now, Bitcoin Cash is ready for merchants and consumers, lightning fast without having to run a node or fuss with technocrats. Swipe and go.

Along the way, Otto picks up his dry cleaning, enjoys a libation with friends, and then hops aboard a waiting flight from Townsville Helicopters — all paid for with Bitcoin Cash. The views are spectacular, and there’s a sense of life undeniable, impossible to manufacture or fake. These are real people, real vendors, using and living with fast, cheap, reliable digital cash.

The week culminates at a huge North Queensland Bitcoin Cash Meetup. It’s a powerful combination, especially during the bear market and times of intense competition among cryptocurrencies. And while there are passionate debates on social media, there is very little to argue about when the evidence is plain: Bitcoin Cash is ready now.

*Note: This is a re-upload of the original video.

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