SNEAK PEEK: Bitcoin Artist Trevor Jones Augments Reality VIDEO

SNEAK PEAK: Bitcoin Artist Trevor Jones Augments Reality VIDEO

Canadian expat Trevor Jones has a jeweler’s eye. His portraits are simply incredible, especially if you’re familiar with his subject matter. The Scotland-based artist has taken to bringing his paintings to life through augmented reality (AR). He’s using the muse of Bitcoin and crypto to both delight and inform, and he was guest for a special episode of ‘s podcast Milk. Here’s a sneak peek, a snippet, video of the interview soon to be published in its entirety.

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Bitcoin Artist Trevor Jones is Guest for an Episode of Milk

Brian Armstrong of Coinbase. Roger Ver of John McAfee of, well, John McAfee. Vitalik Buterin of Ethereum. These are just a few subjects from recently turned crypto-artist Trevor Jones‘ amazing project.

He explains to C. Edward Kelso of, on a fun episode of Milk, what exactly pushed him to invade the Scottish National Portrait Gallery and set up a pirate-type art exhibit. It’s a great story, and here we offer some video snippets of his journey along with a small portion of the actual episode (up soon).

SNEAK PEAK: Bitcoin Artist Trevor Jones Augments Reality VIDEO
Trevor Jones presents augmented reality art to onlookers.


Just like crypto, Jones is daring and operates with a permissionless philosophy. It has proven to be a hit with enthusiasts, and it has changed the way he does art, the business of art. The gallery middlemen and curators, who take usually more than half an artist’s earnings, he can now bypass to a large degree and get his work seen, get it out there.

For an artist, that’s everything. He can survive and get his work to the people who can appreciate its worth. And it is pretty great.

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